• ICSR serves as the Research coordination Centre for the implementation of ‘Butterflies’ – a project envisioned by the Hon. Speaker , Kerala legislative Assembly to improve the infrastructure and to enhance the quality of academics imparted in the high schools and higher secondary schools coming under Ponnani Assembly Constituency.

  • The floods that hit Kerala in August 2018 brought havoc to ICSR and its neighbouring areas. 94 families that lived in the ‘puzhapuramboke‘ had to be rehabilitated. Responding to the call of civic bodies, the Centre came forward to assist the flood victims, distributing food, clothes and other requirements:

    • A ten member medical team that came from Karnataka soon after the floods coordinated their health care activities with the assistance of ICSR.

    • The Centre took the lead in distributing books and stationery to the students of the locality affected by the floods, mobilizing support from voluntary agencies.

  • Arranging boarding and lodging, the institution extended hospitality to the performers from North-east Indian states who came to Ponnani as a part of “Ponnani Mahotsavam.”

  • Provided assistance for the implementation of 'Sastrajalakam' project conceived by the Dept.of the General Education.

  • ICSR was the venue of the poetry workshop organized by Kerala Sahitya Academy in 2017.

  • A poetry workshop organized jointly by N.V Krishna Varier Trust , Edassery Smaraka Samithi and Kerala Sahitya Academy was held at ICSR from 10th to 12th May 2019.